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Floating 2 images in different positions?


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I've been using this page to learn about floating text beside objects:http://www.w3schools.com/css/tryit.asp?filename=trycss_floatI understand it easily. What I don't understand is this...On my webpage, I have a trips section where I give various trip reports. I alternate pictures from the trip having one on the left and then one on the right side of the page. So Far, I've been using tables to accomplish this (I'm amature, I know), but this only visually looks the way I want on IE, and not FF (which I use now). My webpage (be kind, again, I'm an amature and this is a hobby) is at the following link so that you can check out what I'm talking about:www.angelfire.com/wv/TheScorpionLair/index.html (example on home page, Trips are currently down)How can I have different images float alternatively? The first one on maybe the right with a paragraph about part of the trip, then just a few paragraphs before I have another picture on the alternate side with a paragraph floating beside it. Not only that, but I often have a text header or banner centered on the page, so really I would need to alternate between center, left, and right.Also, is there a way to set this up in the CSS file for each Trip Report Page and not have to enter the code on every single page?Hope I'm not too bothersome. Thanks!

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