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I am developing a survey in a platform called Qualtrics.


Qualtrics allows you to use what they call "embedded data" to "pipe text" into the survey in order to customize aspects of your survey itself. For example, if I want to insert the name of a school or person into a question I would use piped text which allows the customization to vary from person to person. It is a similar process to what would happen in a mail merged document that allowed someone to insert the name of a person to give the appearance of personalization.


As part of the survey I am designing I have figured out how to insert the logo of each school as a header into the document through embedded data and piped text that corresponds to each recipient.


I would like to do the same thing and have each institution's colors correspond to respondent within the survey itself as well. This would be things like the forward and back buttons, selected responses, and the progress bar.


I've not been able to get the piped text to work in the same manner as the logo. Does anyone have any suggestions?


Below is the section of code I am trying manipulate. I'm can provide more information if needed.....Thank you.



/* Place your CSS here */

.Skin label.MultipleAnswer.q-checked, .Skin label.SingleAnswer.q-checked {
" !important;
Color}" !important;
color: #fff;
Field/Color}" ;
.Skin label.q-radio.q-checked {
outline: 0;
.Skin label.q-checkbox, .Skin label.q-radio {
.Skin .ProgressBarFill {


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