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Hello Everyone


I don't have a specific html Problem, but more a question how I could achieve something I'm trying to do.

I'm neiter sure if this is the right forum. I'm sorry if not.


So here is my idea. I have this map and my idea is to make it interactive.

When I click on a textfield ond the image a new window opens, where I can add text. (to describe the the country that I have clicked)

What I had in mind is to make it as a startpage on a wiki and when I click on the text area the related Wiki-entry opens.

After it would be the idea to make it a collaborative tool for students, that they can collect together important information about a country or an other topic.

What I'm asking is more about the tool and less about the example. It could be used also with other maps. The example helps to understand, what I want to do.


So what would be the best idea to create this first page with the whole map.

I had the idea to set the map as background of a table (with CSS) and to put in the text in the table boxes and then link the text to the related wiki-entry. (Or create a link and a new wiki-entry if there is none.)

(On the map image itself there will be no text, not as shown in the example)


Is there a better or easier way to make it?


Thanks for your ideas.





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