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How do I read and write to file?


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I'd just like to enquire how I would read and write to a file using php please?

I'm looking to write a database's, Host, Username, Password, and database Name to a file name on the server, then at a later date. When I load the site, read this information back.



At present I'm using the following to write to the file:-

// Write to file.
$fp = fopen( dirname(__FILE__).'/dbinfo.txt', 'w' ) or die("Couldn't open file:- ");
fwrite($fp, $hostname);
fwrite($fp, $database);
fwrite($fp, $username);
fwrite($fp, $password);
fclose( $fp );


and to read back:-


$fp = fopen( dirname(__FILE__).'/dbinfo.txt', 'r' ) or die("Couldn't open file:- ");
$db_host = fread($fp, $hostname); // $db_host
$db_user = fread($fp, $username); // $db_user
$db_pass = fread($fp, $password); // $db_pass
$db_databasename = fread($fp, $database);
fclose( $fp );


However, it reads it all in one long string, instead of it been on separate lines.


Would anyone know the correct way of writing this code, please?


Thank You.

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