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redirect not existing subdomain to www with htaccess


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I'm looking for directives that help solving the problem of redirecting a not existing subdomain towards the www subdomain.


I know/guess .htaccess is used, but cant figure out how.


My present situation is that existing subdomains are redirected well.


I adjusted virtual hosts in this way:

       <VirtualHost *:80> 
		ServerName mysite.dev
		ServerAlias mysite.dev *.mysite.dev
		DocumentRoot X:/wamp/www/TestVirtHost/
		<Directory  "X:/wamp/www/TestVirtHost/">
			Options +Indexes +FollowSymLinks +MultiViews
			AllowOverride All
			Require local

my etc/hosts file has the following rules  *.mysite.dev mysite.dev subdomain_one.mysite.dev subdomain_two.mysite.dev

Can some expert explain please what the .htaccess should look like for the problem explained above.

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I don't know. I don't know of any directives in htaccess that can query the server configuration to figure out if a particular subdomain or virtual host is defined in the config files. I do know that there are ways to check if a directory exists.

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