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chroot not working ?


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I'm trying to set chroot.

I get the following error message:


( ! ) Fatal error: Call to undefined function chroot() in X:\wamp\www\dir1\dir2\test-getcwd.php on line 5

Call Stack









{main}( )



my script is like this:


    echo getcwd() . "\n"; 
    chroot('X:\wamp\www\dir3') . "\n";
    echo getcwd() . "\n";


Is it possible chroot is not default set in wamp or am I making a mistake?

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The first thing I would check is what version of PHP you're running.



It looks like there's a note in the manual http://php.net/chroot


This function is only available to GNU and BSD systems, and only when using the CLI, CGI or Embed SAPI. Also, this function requires root privileges.

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Information in the PHP manual
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