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How might I use dropdown lists, and update a database table?


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I'd like to request a little guidance with regards forms and updating a database table please.


I've created a form which has a dropdown list.


I'd just like to enquire:-


1. How do I pass the selected result from the dropdown list to a variable? (at present I've written:- $user_gender = $_POST["profile_gender"] ;)


2. I'm unable to update the database table. The database opens and there's no errors reported. I'd just like to ask the following looks ok? $sql = "UPDATE registration_table SET Gender='$user_gender' WHERE Member_id='$userID'";


Thank You.


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Assuming the form was submitted properly, the value from the dropdown will be in one of the elements in $_POST or $_GET. You could assign it to a variable or use it directly.


You should use prepared statements for your queries. Here's the tutorial page for prepared statements:


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