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what css code to put flags on new row

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Look you can ask the same question over and over again! But you can't force the flags to new line with css without losing the effect of css aready applied thus losing the ability to centre the whole two rows. That is why you need to add a empty separator li, this is not css, this is you going in to backend of WordPress as administrator and physically entering this separator menu and giving it a specific classname. You can then target this element to become a hidden row between main and language icons so they are above each other. So until YOU YOURSELF actually add this menu we can't help you. I don't understand the problem? Did you not add the other menu items? Just add a custom menu with url http://moreyouthfulskin.com/# and use   for text, give it custom css class such as 'menu-separator'. All this is covered in wordpress forums or google create empty menu separator and adding custom class to menu wordpress.

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I AM A NEWBIE TO WP, I HAVE NO IT EDUCATION NOR EXPERIENCE. I HAVE NO NOTION OF IT. Your experienced colleague advised me that this is a css problem. That is why I asked for a css code. If they did not advise me, I would not ask for a css code.


Yes, I created a new menu.

1) How do I add a custom menu with http://moreyouthfulskin.com/# ?

2) How do I use   ?

3) How do I give it (what it?) a custom css class, 'menu-separator' ?


Thank you for your tolerance not being an IT!

If you needed a help in my area of expertise, I would describe it to you in detail, when I found out that you do not understand my specialization.

So kindly please describe it for me step by step as I already asked you several times.

Thank you for your understanding and kind and friendly cooperation.

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Congratulations you refuse to help yourself by not looking this up yourself on wordpress forum so you would have the basic understanding of creating menus, and in doing so I have decided if you can't be bothered to to learn basics, yes! You know LEARN, and not be such a newbie newbie, I can't be bothered to help you, good luck! In finding some other mug to do this work for you, Looks as though you will need it.

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I think that my angry friend is trying to say that we try to help people learn how to do this for themselves, rather than writing their code for them. Even though some people will answer a question with a block of code and no explanation, the purpose of the forum is to support the tutorials on the w3schools.com site.

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