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What should I do after buying a domain name? (With prize)

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As stated in the caption, I have bought a domain name.


What should I do? I heard that there is some other thing I also have to buy.


What is that and what programming I should learn (as I am actually a noob) after that??


Thank you very much.


P.S. A special link of my future website containing some photos (I think you understand what I mean) will be pmed to everyone of you ONLY IF you offer help to me.

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Normally you buy a domain name and also buy web-hosting. The web-host-service provides a shared server where you can actually build your website. The domain name merely points to your website.


The only thing you need to learn immediately is how to use the control panel for your web-hosting-service, and start learning HTML and CSS.



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Thank you very much.


So now I have to one side learn how to use control panel from http://www.w3schools.com/.


Another side is to buy some basic set up.


I heard from my friend that Chinese are doing some kind of super sales double 11.


Any suggestion for the web hosting.


I bought my domain name here: www.now.top


Is it good to buy web hosting also from here?


Note: it is just for self learning practice purpose.

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No, the control panel is how you will access your web-hosting service.


Before choosing a web-hosting service you can look for web-hosting reviews such as...




You can practice building your website on your desktop using a simple text editor

such as Notepad or Wordpad or download a free text editor such as...



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