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I am new. I was working thru the tutorials when I discovered that all of my work on the exercises disappeared. So, as I was searching for a resolution, discovered the forums. I tried to register and it said it already had my email address. I don't recall every registering before. After "retrieving" my "lost password", to my horror I find my email address displayed as my username. And worse, no way to change it????


1. How do I change my display name. (It is NOT listed for me as an option under Settings)


2. How do I retrieve the work I did on my exercises. (my cookies have not been deleted on my computer since I began them)


Thanks to anyone who can assist me with this.

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Users cannot change their own usernames, this is the default setting on most online platforms. If you need your username changed you can send a private message to a moderator.


Which exercises are you referring to? If you were using the Try-it editor (like this one http://www.w3schools.com/html/tryit.asp?filename=tryhtml_default), those don't save your work, they're just there for you to test what you've learned.

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