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All Customer's Personal Details in one table or more?

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I have the following tables:



ID, Name, Surname, etc.



ID, UserName, Password, ApplicationDate, RegistrationDate


with single and original data,





ID, + Fields with Calculated Data
ID, + Fields with Calculated Data


with single and calculated data.


They all are connected with 1:1 relation.


I would like to ask what the suggestable practice is; to keep the data grouped and separated like above or to put them all in one table.


Also, my intention is to encrypt all original data.


Thanks in advance.



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If everything is 1:1 then it's a good idea to put it all in one table. I also don't store calculated values unless I'm only caching them, if I need to calculate a value then I calculate it when I retrieve the row to make sure it's right. There would be a problem if you updated a row somewhere but didn't update the calculated values also, so that they are now wrong.

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