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i learned php, mysql and css from w3schools and designed my personal website www.sikki.in


and got stuck-ed at complex part of designing cinema online ticket reservation system to multiple located screens for exhibitor and producer.

i am using php and mysql for Back end, but problem in designing Front end system like generating seats dynamically and mapping seats with rows and column


please assistance in making a "how to" for this


details :

in screen table all the particulars of screen will present like no. of classes in screen, no. seats in each class, screen location, ticket price etc

booking table will have all the details of ticket booking details like movie name, screen name, show date, show time, booking status, reserved by(exhibitor username) etc

seats table will have all the details of screen_id, no_rows now of columns

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Is there a question or are you just asking somebody to make that?


Nobody is just going to build such a complex system for you without compensation.

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Thank you very much for the reply brother

i think forum is here to solve the complex things by discussing

i am not asking to prepare this design, where as i am asking to assist where i stuck, as i designed the site learnng from w3schools


asking to help as i was confused a bit in generating seat layout dynamically (front end)


how to dynamically generate the seat layout based on the rows retrieved from the seats DB table


here screen, rows and columns details will in seats table, screen details will be in screens table and booking info will be in booking table



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The question is still not specific enough. How do you want to display the seats? Are they images? Text? What HTML structure do you want to use?


Furthermore, what is your current database structure and what code have you written so far?

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You can do something as simple as a table layout with a bunch of checkboxes or something, or something more complex like a canvas element with a drawing of the seats where they actually are in the auditorium (assuming it isn't laid out in a perfect grid like a table structure). That is design, it's up to you to design it to look how you want it to look, and then you can figure out how to build your design.

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