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slideDown & slideUp issue


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I have the following responsive site and i'm having an issue with the mobile nav menu:


When you resize the window or load it in a mobile device, you have a menu with sub-menu items with a slide-down effect that show you the sub-menu items everytime you click on them and, if you click them again or click somewhere else, the sub-menu item will hide itself with a slide-up effect. The problem is when you resize the window again and click again the sub-menu items, they will now show and inmediately hide, like they execute the 2 steps without waiting for a second clicking.

Here's the code:

$(window).on('load resize', function () {   
    if ($(window).width() >= 1000){ 
      $("#menu-top.touch .menu-item-has-children a").addClass("primer-boton").css('cursor','pointer');
      $("#menu-top.touch .sub-menu a").removeClass();
      $("#menu-top.touch .primer-boton").removeAttr("href");
      $('#menu-top.touch .menu-item-has-children > .sub-menu').parent().click(function() {
        var submenu = $(this).children('.sub-menu');
        if ( $(submenu).is(':hidden') ) {
        } else {

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