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Pulling hair out over figure and figcaption

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I'm new to forum, a neophyte when it comes to HTML and CSS, brought up via Frontpage with all its "foibles". Trying desperately to fix my website and make it all HTML5 and CSS3 valid.

I'm going crazy trying to insert images in text (floating right or left) with a caption underneath. In the old days of tables I could do this in 5 seconds. So far everything I've tried just doesn't work. To begin clean I created the most simple of test programs with one photo, one caption, no overhead crap, no style sheets. Here is the code:


<img alt="" src="literature/worktales/images/brunswickMineShotcrete.jpg" style="float:right"/>
The results are here: www.raiderracing.com/test.htm.
I did lots of research on this site and others and tried different scenarios and none worked. I'm using Expressions Web 4 for editing, and latest MS Edge or Google Chrome for browsers.
I tried this on the W3C "Tryit" page and floating the figure left or right leaves the caption where it is.
Using just <img alt="" src="literature/worktales/images/brunswickMineShotcrete.jpg" style="float:right"/>shotcrete achieves the same thing with 4 fewer commands.
So, bottom line: how do I float photos left and right in text, and put a caption underneath?
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