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Suggestion-Add ES6/ES2015 Tutorial To JavaScript Tutorial...

Eyad Syria-lover

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It's not supported by Internet Explorer and barely supported by Safari, it doesn't work on the Android browser. It would be confusing for people who are learning Javascript for the first time when the examples aren't working.


Here's a table showing browser support for ECMAScript 6: https://kangax.github.io/compat-table/es6/


If you are already an expert in Javascript and you want to learn ECMAScript 6, you don't need a beginner's tutorial site to teach it to you, go to more detailed sources. Here's a list of features you can learn about: http://es6-features.org/

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I don't think that it would be a bad thing personally, as a lot of popular frameworks like Angular 2 and React are using ES6 and TypeScript in their tutorials and so are a lot of the blogs and guides. That said, there will still be the requirement of needing a transpiler for the time being but, I certainly think there are lots of tutorials and guides around that too, however, at the risk of linking people off site to other tutorials (for Babel, TypeScript, Webpack, Gulp, etc) I could see W3Schools being hesitant in that regard as well.


Either way, I firmly encourage any intermediate JS developer to start learning ES6 features now and consider taking the extra time to learn how to transpile that source code down to ES5 compatible JS. New features, like imports have fundamentally helped changes the language (for the better IMO) and I think the resulting source code is better for it too.

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