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Optimizing images?

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Hi everyone. I have pages with a dozen to 24 images (they are shown as Thumbnails and then enlarged to a "full" size when clicked. This makes even the thumbnail page load REAL slow unless a copy is already in the cache. I don't know how to "compress" an image...or "optimize" it.


I also am trying to create a shopping site and that will involve many pages with images on them. I'm sure that will make them load slow also and people won't want to just sit around and wait for it!

Any ideas and/or advice would be tremendously appreciated.


Thanks very much, John

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When you say 'they are shown as Thumbnails' ARE they true thumbnails ie physically changed to thumbnail size image, OR the large image is just resized to thumbnail size? what I do is identify the thumb image with _thumb in file name (image01_thumb.jpg, image2_thumb.png) then use JavaScript at bottom of page to loop through these thumb images and remove '_thumb' to give you original larger file, which you can then preload in cache. The other option is to use server-side language to look at specific folder of large images, load these in JS array and preload these images in array. You can Faststone resizer to resize multiple images, convert and compress.

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