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pgp public key on my site


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I notice that some sites on the clear web but most on the dark web show their PGP public key.


​I have a pgp privet key that was auto generated along with my .onion url when I opened the tor browser.

I also took a look at https://github.com/singpolyma/openpgp-php and my question is...


How do I display a PGP public key on a website that relates to my site url using php?

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I understand that. However, I am not talking about pgp for messages or email.

I am talking about the pgp privet key you receive with your random .onion domain name when you open the Tor browser with the intent of hosting on the dark web.

The pgp privet key and the .onion url are linked (meaning the privet key and url are bound together/created together).

From my pgp privet key and my .onion url I am trying to find my pgp public key.

How do I do that?

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