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Java Script books and online lessons recommendation


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The w3Schools tutorial isn't terrible. I just wish it didn't use document.write() and inline javascript. Just rewrite each example so that document.write() isn't used.




One of the first few lessons explains why document.write() is inferior, so then why do they keep using it throughout the rest of the tutorial? I don't know. Also learn to use addEventListener() as a more flexible alternative to inline javascript which is embedded into the HTML.


For books get...




...and either this...




...or this (they are approximately the same material)...




However please realize that an entirely new and more complex version of Javascript is on the horizon... but you should probably not begin with this book...



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ECMAScript 6 is mainly geared towards programmers. Most people use Javascript for simple effects on the page, they won't need to make use of the new features, so I wouldn't suggest teaching it to beginners. The way Javascript is used today won't change for people who are not building large browser applications.

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