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HTML code to copy from another text box and hide if empty


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Hi there,


I have a form with a field, which will be prefilled, but this field is a text box and editable for everyone. But i want it only as a readonly field, but this field can´t be changed directly to a html field, so i was wondering, is it possible to copy the body of that field and show it as readonly and only, if it is not empty?


I do not want to use a button for that


Thanks a lot in advance



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Could you tell me more specific what you want to do?


As I see it, you've got in input field with type=text and you want to copy the text from this input field into another element.

I should do this with javascript:

var text = document.getElementById("[id of the input field]").value;

document.getElementById("[id of the other element]").innerHTML = text;
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