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External HTML file into innerHTML


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I am attempting to create an online "manual" with a html files and an array. I've been able to get the string name of the html file to appear, but not the content of the page. Where am I going wrong?

function referencePages () {
	var rCurrentPage = 0;
	var refArray = ["R00_Ref_Cover.html", "R01_Abbreviations.html","R02_Definitions.html"];
	var rTotalPages = refArray.length;
	document.getElementById("page_content").innerHTML = refArray[rCurrentPage];
	rNextButton ();
	rBackButton ();
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The innerHTML property is not a URL to load, it is the actual HTML string to load. You need to send an ajax request to get the contents of the page and then put that in the innerHTML. Also note that each sub-page should not be a complete HTML document, it should only be the HTML that would go inside that element just as if you copy and paste it into that element. It's not a complete document with a doctype, head, body, etc, it's just the markup that you want inside that element.

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