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[SOLVED] Position: sticky breaks w3-bar menu


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For whatever reason, anytime I use "position: sticky" in whatever form

whether it's browser supported or through the Stickyfill.js it breaks the

w3-bar navigation menu. w3schools.com obviously has a way to make

it work. But I can't. Sticky off - dropdown menu works perfect. Stick ON

and the menu button clicks but the dropdown content is not displayed.

Or at the very least it's not visible if it is.

http://dev.daellusknights.com/index.html <-- Sticky ON (broken)

http://dev.daellusknights.com/index2.html <-- Sticky OFF (works)

Is this a known issue or am I just missing something. Currently

working with MS Edge and latest Chrome on Win 10 Pro (dev)

Edited by Daellus
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