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Grey background in 'onshow Event'


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In https://www.w3schools.com/jsref/event_onshow.asp  an example is shown of the <onshow Event>. When the  yellow rectangle is right-clicked (as instructed), an alert popup is displayed while the main page (now functioning as bkgnd) is covered with a grey colored sheet (image?).

Where can I find the code section which is doing this (the grey-covering)? Purpose is to change the color/opacity of it.



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It seems onshow has limited browser support, so what would be the point? You could use a div container using position: fixed, background-color: black; with opacity: 0.5; to get same effect, then can change it to whatever colour you choose.

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Right! Happens that I just stumbled into a tut showing what you've pointed out: a div with an inline lightbox styling which gives me full control of it (plus some jQ control codes for the lightbox).

Initial question was due to the W3Schools tut (çause I'm an 'early-learner', looking, searching everywhere ... ;-)).

Thnx dsonesuk!

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