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Clickable dropdown of w3school does not work properly in Internet Explorer. What can I do?


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I've inserted a clickable dropdown on my site. In FireFox and Chrome, the menu closes when you click outside the menu. This does not work with Internet Explorer. I have taken this code from w3school.com (the same problem on the page):


What can I do to make it work on the Internet Expolorer the same as in FireFox and Chrome?


Thanks for your help.

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Microsoft as usual thinking its GOD, and that every browser should do as they want not like other BETTER browsers, came out there own version for (event.target.matches) which apparently the link example know nothing about, I have reported this problem several months ago, but still no update.

This was brought up here (second from bottom for fix) http://w3schools.invisionzone.com/index.php?/topic/56627-how-i-use-this-script-for-2-functions-same-works/#comment-311543

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