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input value as an incremental number in a for loop

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I do not get  the input value x to add to i in the for loop. What am I doing wrong?


<!DOCTYPE html>

<input id="inp" type="number" > </input>
<button type="button" onclick=myFunction() > click</button>
<p id="result" > </p>


function myFunction(){
     var txt= "";
     res = document.getElementById("result");
    var x= document.getElementById("inp").value;
    var i= 0;
    for (  ; i < 20; i++) {
        txt += "input" + i + "<br>";
        i = i += x ;
    console.log(txt += "input is " + (i+x) + "<br>");


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The parameters in the for loop are optional.

There are several ways to solve the problem. You can add the x right before appending to the string:

txt += "input" + (i + x) + "<br>";

You should cast x to a number before the loop to prevent it from being used as a string.

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