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sanitize/validate webaddress

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Hi all,

I have a problem for sanitizing / validating a web address input.

My personal favor is doing it with regex.

I made a simple example with preg_replace

	if (!empty($_POST['wbddrss']) )   {
	$wbddrss = $_POST['wbddrss']; 	
	$wbddrss = trim($wbddrss);
	$validate = preg_replace('/<>/' , '', $wbddrss);
    } ?>


But I would like to replace all chars that do not meet what is allowed.

I guess the best solution would be to replace everything with a caret to negate. But it seems I cant find the right delimiters.

This is the range of characters I would like to allow:


how is this done in a preg_replace function?




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I guess I solved this by using amongst others str_replace for the unwished input and I found a regex online that replaced all except the %

 $url = preg_replace("/([^a-zA-Z0-9+&@#?=~_|!:,.;]+)/","",$url);

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