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Unable to install laravel on shared hosting


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Hello everyone,

I had tried number of times to install laravel on my shared hosting , my hosting is byethost,

but it's unsuccessful the result always error http 500 .

please open my site : http://testtemplatemedia.byethost12.com/public

What I tried are :

  • check php extension on my server hosting, all had set correctly
  • change folder permission from 755 to 777 on folder 'storage' recursively
  • check php version, currently I used laravel 5.25 and my php version on hosting is php 5.6.0
  • If you need my error log please check my attachment

Please help me



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thanks for your reply,

according on your links I had tried to change app key on my local computer using :

php artisan generate:key

on command prompt, and I had reupload used it but it's unsuccessful...

btw, because I used free hosting, then they didn't gave me access using SSH (secure shell)

so I can't run composer.

please help me

here, I attach my .env file



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