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Select using Alias returns "0"

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16 hours ago, Ingolme said:

The + operator in SQL only does mathematical additions. To concatenate words, use the CONCAT () function. 

Thanks, good to know. But how come the following code works as expected:

SELECT City + ' ' + Country AS Address FROM Customers;


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Does that work? It depends on what kind of database you're using.

Here's a note from the tutorial page:


Note: To get the SQL statement above to work in MySQL use the following:

SELECT CustomerName, CONCAT(Address,', ',PostalCode,', ',City,', ',Country) AS Address
FROM Customers;



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Assuming you're only using MySQL, you can also look up the documentation.  Here's the list of operators, note that for + that it only indicates that it is the addition operator:


Here's the list of string functions, this includes both concat and concat_ws.  The description for concat doesn't indicate that MySQL has another concatenation operator.


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