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Unwanted Row Entry Duplication

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QUESTION ONE:  How does  one suppress duplicate row entries?
QUESTION TWO:  In the following case what is causing them to occur?

BACKGROUND:  I created several tables only to discover that they were not as I wanted them.  AFter truncateng each, I dropped what I  believed to be poorly structured columns, rearranged some, and added still others.  When I tested the result, everything worked great except for one problem  --  a single table entry reuslted in duplicate rows.


CREATE TABLE 'table_name' (obs` int(5) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT
	PRIMARY KEY (`obs`)


INSERT INTO rss2_podcast_itunes (podcast_no_itunes, itunes_category1, itunes_category2, itunes_category3, itunes_complete, itunes_new_feed_url, itunes_name, itunes_email, itunes_duration, itunes_order, itunes_author, itunes_block, itunes_image, itunes_explicit, itunes_summary) VALUES ('54', 'education', 'language', 'English', '', '', 'Roddy A. Stegemann', 'kiusau@me.com', '00:01:01', '', 'Roddy A. Stegemann', '', 'http://www.grammarcaptive.com/_images/captive.png', '', 'Test')

Please note the following:

  1. No value is entered for the obs field/column.
  2. The auto increment advances one for each row entered.
  3. Below each successfully loaded row entry appears another row identical in every way but one -- the appearance of an incremental advance in the value of the obs field.

Please advise.



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Please ignore the missing back-tick before the obs column.  it was a typo incurred while editing code taken from the results of a SHOW CREATE TABLE statement.

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This problem has been resolved.

After a night's rest I discovered that I was accidentally querying the same table twice.  A condition likely caused by an improper copy and paste.

LESSON:  When everything appears correct, do not doubt its correctness.  Look elsewhere for the error.  

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