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Write a reverse function for mesh removing

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I've got a function that create mesh when you click on another. On the click, 2 or 3 mesh are created and go to their positions. Know i would like to do the reverse function : when the mesh are deployed, and you click anoter time on the mesh, the previously created mesh go back and are removed from the scene.

Here is my first function :


function sortiSphere(element, obj) {

    var matStdParams = {
        roughness: 1,
        metalness: 0.8,
        color: element.group,
        emissive: element.group,
        emissiveIntensity: 0.5

    var sphereMaterial2 = new THREE.MeshStandardMaterial(matStdParams);

    var mesh = new THREE.Mesh(sphereGeometry, sphereMaterial2);

    mesh.position.x = x;
    mesh.position.y = y;
    mesh.position.z = z;

    mesh.userData.children = element.children;
    mesh.userData.name = element.label;
    mesh.userData.rang = element.rang;
    mesh.userData.def = element.définition;
    mesh.userData.posx = element.posx;
    mesh.userData.posy = element.posy;
    mesh.userData.posz = element.posz;
    mesh.userData.parent = obj;
    mesh.userData.cartabs = element.cartabs;
    mesh.position.multiplyScalar(1 / element.rang);
    mesh.scale.set(1 / (element.rang / 2), 1 / (element.rang / 2), 1 / (element.rang / 2))

    mesh.position.x = obj.position.x;
    mesh.position.y = obj.position.y;
    mesh.position.z = obj.position.z;

    var x = element.posx;
    var y = element.posy;
    var z = element.posz;

    new TWEEN.Tween(mesh.position).to({
            x: x,
            y: y,
            z: z
        }, 1000)



    // lines
    var material = new THREE.LineBasicMaterial({
        color: 0xffffff

    var geometry = new THREE.Geometry();
        new THREE.Vector3(x, y, z)

    var line = new THREE.Line(geometry, material);

    gen1 = [];
    gen2 = [];
    gen3 = [];
    gen4 = [];
    gen5 = [];

    obj.userData.bool = true;



Notice that the mesh contain a information about their state : userData.bool (true if deployed, false if not)

Now, how do I tell them to go back ?

Here is what I got for now :

    function deleteSphere(element, obj) {
    console.log("--- deleteSphere / debut fonction")

    for (i = 0; gen1.length > i; i++) {

        if (gen1[i].userData.children) {

            for (j = 0; gen1[i].userData.children.length > j; j++) {


        } else {



Thanks for your time

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It looks like you use that tween function to move something, so figure out where you want to move it and use that function to do so.

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