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UBL Bank payment integration with PHP

Zeeshan Asghar

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yes, it's not clear what you need help with.  What parts of the API?  What have you tried?  What are you stuck on?  etc

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Ok let me describe. please ignor my question and check these 2 files. in these file i have a plugin to add payment gateway for woocommerce. after installation plugin will show on woocommerce like this (check "gateway.png" ). Now i want when user fill cradit card details and click checkout (check "checkout.png"). the payment automatically transfer to my any bank account. in these files where i can mention this ??

Sorry my English is not good. also ignor the name UBL  :-(




gateway 1.PNG


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on the second screenshot the Enable/disable checkbox is not checked .you should also verify your api-login and transactionkey make sure they are both correct.

i assume you already have a woocommerce account linked to your credit card / bank account .

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