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I have been recruited to create a website for out working group, http://www.4hlatinopyd.org/

My experience in web work is limited, just getting back into it after a long break.

I used a menu script I found, and have mostly implemented it, but some issues appear when the site is views on a small device, such as a cell phone.

1, When is small screen mode, the drop-down menus do not appear.

2. Is there a way to change the size of the images so that they are clear when in small-screen mode?
Perhaps a way to swap them out when in small-screen mode for different images, perhaps better tuned for small-screens?

3.How can I style individual pages to achieve a consistent font size? I have tried to use the CSS , but it doesn't seem to affect everything.

I have more, but these are the biggest issues I have at the moment. Thank you!

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Take a look at Media queries https://www.w3schools.com/css/css_rwd_mediaqueries.asp these are what you need to make your style reshape it self when on a small resolution , that can also fix your image size problem .(you gonna have to write your proper css that you want to be executed on each @Media query)

for the font problem theres already an existing css file somewhere in the website which overrides your current css  .

using !important; in css  to override the previous css .

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