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w3.css column fail with IE11


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Having issues with w3.css and Internet Explorer 11. Have taken the example html from one of the Responsive sections (https://www.w3schools.com/w3css/tryit.asp?filename=tryw3css_responsive_half&stacked=h) and made a single html file from it.

This example shows two columns side by side in one row. This works as advertised in Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. In IE11, however, the two columns are stacked on top of one another, and each are the full width of the page.

I have two laptops running native Windows 7 with IE11. Version 11.0.13 shows the page properly. Version 11.0.44 does not. So, it appears that different versions of IE11 behave differently. I just let the machine with 11.0.13 start updating, so it will probably not work when that's done. Running IE11 from Windows 10 (IE11 v11.0.44) gets the same error.

It looks as if the column width is being ignored?

Oddly, when I go to the w3.css web page from within IE11, the example displays properly.

Would anyone know why this might be happening?


Bob Wirka


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I have run IE11 v11.0.44 (KB4025252) from Windows 10, and see no such problem with 'try it example', and copied 'try it example' on local server?

You are trying it from local server?

When saving html page, IF saved in notepad as encoded to UTF 8, NOT ascii?

Don't have any custom styling that will interfere with w3css styling? set in IE 11 browser itself.

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