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Set focus on form (not input control)

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I know how to set focus on a specific input control, e.g. a text box, e.g.:
     <script type="text/javascript">
Now I have a web page with no input controls. The problem is that Page Down doesn't work until I click somewhere on the form to have it receive focus.
I would like that to happen automatically when the page loads, but I haven't found a solution.

The page contains two forms with tables inside. I have tried to use focus() on the form or on a (disabled) input control, but nothing works.

Can anybody help me? Thanks in advance...

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There's a discussion here about elements and focus:


Maybe try to put a tabindex on the form, or else you need to set up an element that can receive focus, like an anchor.  Or, if you have a custom keypress handler for page down, maybe you need to change how that's set up.

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Thanks. Unfortunately I can't get setfocus() to work (in Chrome) on anchors or elements with tabindex. However, I succeeded in getting it to work with a readonly input element in one case and am still experimenting with other cases.

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