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syntax error maybe?

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Hi. ok ive been working for about 2 hours on 2 lines that for some reason doesnt work. 

i have a form with 2 inputs: order# and phone#. 

when user press submit i want it to search the DB. if he entered both phone# and order# the query will be other than if he entered only one of them. 

so actually  i have 4 cases. 1: user submitted without phone# and without order#

2: user submitted with phone# but without order#

3: user submitted without phone# but with order#

4: user submitted with both.

can someone help me with the syntax? ive been working on it for freaking hours and it doesnt seem to work. 

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if (isset($_GET['submit'])){
$flag =1;//1 means both phone# and order# are entered

    if (!isset($_GET['order_num'])) 
	    { if (!isset($_GET['phonesrch'])) 
		             {$flag=2;} //means order# isnt set and phonesrch isnt set
				else{ $flag=3; }//means order# isnt set but phone# is set
		else {if (!isset($_GET['phonesrch'])) {flag=4;} //means order# is set, phone# isnt

this is my code but somewhere i guess theres a syntax error

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Yes thank you, realised that just now. do you think there's a better way to attack this other than all this nested if's ?


btw, if isset returns true all the time do i still need it? or can i just use the !empty?

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