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CSS tutorial box model - illogical subject order


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While refreshing my knowledge about CSS I noticed the CSS box model is explained in the following order:

  1. Borders
  2. Margins
  3. Padding
  4. Height/width
  5. Box model
  6. Outline

First all components of the box model are explained in depth and afterwards a general overview is given (5: box-model). For me as a reader this was confusing, since I didn't get the main concept until reading the "box-model" page and actually had to go back and reread the margins/padding section to thoroughly understand the system.

I therefore suggest changing the explanation order to:

  1. Box model
  2. Height/width
  3. Padding
  4. Borders
  5. Margins
  6. Outline

For me personally this would make more sense, since first the general concept of the box model is given, and afterwards all individual concepts are explained in depth (going from the inside to the outside of the css box).

Any opinions about this?

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I think the existing order is the right order, because to understand the box model you first have to understand border, padding, and height & width.

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