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How to upload website to server


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Get a free or paid web hosting provider, you will need sort out name of site when creating website at web hosting company.

You should then be given a FTP address to your website folders, then upload your files using FTP program such as 'FileZilla' using FTP username and password to access your website folder/s.

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Like I said! you will be provided with username and password to access your hosts FTP, you log in, and it will show on the right your website folder to upload your files to, and on the left the files from your operating system folder, then select files you wish to upload or select upload all.

??? as you would normally pay for something, credit or debit card, its extremely unlikely they will take livestock for payment.

Note: If you intend to use a server language script such as windows(ASP.net most likely more expensive) or Linux (PHP), you need to make sure you choose the correct package. Both will run plain HTML files, anything else using server script you will have to select a package that will work with the server script you intend to use.

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If you want to know GoDaddy's prices, why are you asking us?  Ask them.  I bet you can find them right on their website.  Go there and look.  As for how to upload your files after registering, look at their help section to figure that out.  You need to learn how to find the answers to your own questions, there is plenty of information out there.  If you want to know how much GoDaddy charges, don't ask some random person on a forum, go to their website and look.

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