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I took a few small courses in HTML/CSS, but honestly, been years since I used either so, I have a basic understanding but very much a beginner for web sites.

Looking to re-do the site for where I work, appliance shop, and wondering about how to handle online inventory. Won't be anything major like 100+ items... but would like to be able to have (example) a page for Fridges, Image with basic specs, and when clicked either expands for more details, or, might just link to the manufacturer's spec page at that point. 

When I first started HTML, we would have done tables and whenever a new product is added or item removed, you'd have to go into the HTML and edit the thing. Long/slow pain in the butt.

For something like this, with maybe 50 items total.... is there a good/easy way to do this? maybe a few basic sort functions like price hi/low? I'm not sure what I would Google to get the correct info, so hoping someone can steer me in the right direction then I can search for tutorials and such to get it done. Just, at this point, I don't know what I'm looking for, just what I know I want in the end. 



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These days it would be better to store each item details in a database, including image path, then use server script language (PHP, ASP.Net) to loop though these items placing them in a specific html layout.

You can then manipulate the data to whatever you require before displaying it. Most things that don't involve a event such click, can be done through css3, otherwise JavaScript is required.

You really shouldn't use tables anymore, because you need a responsive layout that will go from example: 4 columns to 1 column for smaller devices, which tables are incapable of doing easily.

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Weird... had this set to notify of responses, never got anything... just checked now and had 3. 

Database would be I think what I'm after, so I can just add info and a pic and the site automatically brings it in.

Username wise... ya, mine looks bad, but my name is Thomas H. Robinson.... T.H.Robinson... but yes, sounded out, it is a bit porn-ish. :D

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