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how to detect which page im on


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hey so i had this topic up here before but cant find it.

does anyone know how i can go about detecting the webpage im on using php?

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you can try this 

		<title>File System Basics</title>

		<h1>File System Basic</h1></div>	

	/*this will echo out the fullpath and file name if it exsist*/
	echo "<i><b>This Is The File Name And Locations 'AKA' fullpath.</b></i><br/>";
    echo __FILE__."<br/><hr/>";
	/*this echos out the directory  name if it exsist*/
	echo "<i><b>These Are The Directory Names Where The File Lives</b></i><br/>";   
	echo __DIR__."<br/><hr/>";  	
	/*this will echo out the directory name and file name if it exsist*/
	echo"<i><b>Does File Exsit?.</b></i><br/>";
	echo file_exists(__FILE__)? 'yes':'no';
	echo"<i><b>does the directory include the file basic.html?.</b></i><br/>";
	echo file_exists(dirname(__FILE__)."/basic.html")?'yes' : 'no';
	echo"<i><b>Does the file  Exsist?.</b></i><br/>";
	echo is_file(dirname(__FILE__)."/basic.html")? 'yes' : 'no';
	echo"<i><b>Is File A Directory Name  ?.</b></i><br/>";
	echo is_file(dirname(__FILE__))? 'yes' : 'no';
	echo"<i><b>is Directory A File Name  ?.</b></i><br/><br/>";
	echo is_dir(dirname(__FILE__). "/basic.html")? 'yes' : 'no';
	echo "<i><b>Is .. A directory</b></i><br/>";
	echo is_dir('..')? 'yes' : 'no';
	/*this will echo out the number of lines being used*/
	echo"<i><b>How Many Line Are In File Basic.php Right Now.</b></i><br/>";
	echo __LINE__."<br/><hr/>";	


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