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How to return specific data from a function


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Every time I create an order I get a confirmation page with the below information. I need to be able to write a function which will return the data I am looking for
How can I write a Function that returns specific data?
Data I get after submission:
"Student ID: 100 Class ID: 99990444 Teacher ID: 610728"

Function Should return "Student ID: 100" after I request for student id. 
Calling funciton:

str = "Student ID: 100 Class ID: 99990444 Teacher ID: 610728"
myStudentID = CallFunction(str, "Student ID", "")
myClass = CallFunction(str, "Class ID", "")


Function CallFunction(completeString, startSearch, endSearch)
    startPos = InStr(1,completeString,startSearch)
    CallFunction = mid(CompleteString,startPos,endSearch)
End Function

Note: Number of digits are unknown for each ID. Also, there is a space after each ID. Above function will not work. I am having trouble how to write the function. Please advise. 

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That data isn't a very helpful format, but I guess you can either use a regular expression, or just hard-code the lookup rules.  With a regular expression you could look for patterns where there are any number of letters or spaces, then a colon, then a space, then any number of digits.  If you hard code it then you'll need to look for the position of each space character and break up the string based on those.

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