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Trouble with copy paste

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I attached a TV screen to me MACPRO so I could read text better. I have been using a free text program to practice writing css.

I pull up the css examples in w3schools delete the text in their example then copy/paste off my free text program into the examples program.

It worked well for most part until I started studying colors where you use quotes around things. Once quotations were involved it all went bad.

Anyone have a solution?

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Some text editors replace standard quotes ("") with curly quotes (“”) which messes up the code. Check your text editor settings to make sure it's not doing that to your quotation marks. If there isn't a setting for that in your text editor then try looking for another one, there are plenty of free ones out there.

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Got another Free text editor and it works well.

Now, two things I can't find on w3school

I saved a lesson using saved button but can find how to recall. I ant to expand on it as I lean more things.

Is there a list of available images to use while studying all the?

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