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Hey All.... HELP!

I am not versed in Javascript, but have been trying to research the forum for a resolution to the slideshow bug. The first image in the slideshow does not appear when the page first loads. If I click the "next" arrow, then the image will appear. I would like the slideshow to show the first image when the website page first loads. 

I have my HTML, CSS & Javascript files all separate, I have linked my CSS & JS file through the head of my HTML file. 

If someone could assist me by providing me the code fix for both the manual and/or automatic slideshow method, it would be greatly appreciated. I still want the prev/next arrows to work through both methods. I am just trying to give myself options in future to change the code if I do not want to keep the manual, I then would have the correct code to switch to the automatic slideshow. Hence why I am asking if someone can help me with providing the code fix for both methods. 


Here is the Javascript code I have for both methods. https://codeshare.io/50VgdL

Assistance would be greatly appreciated, it's for a school assignment! 


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