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connect session variable in html form loop

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 This script shows the fetched data in a modify form. 
    In the old situation I used rec_num wich was corresponding to the record number in the database.table
    For security reasons I added a uniqid column to the table.  

   So not like under with an input hidden attribute for uniqid.

    If possible I would like it to be stored in a session variable. This is doable like above, but outside the foreach 
    loop only the last value is stored.
    How to connect every single uniqid value (for multiple records!) to the separated rec_num without users being able to see the uniqid?


$value = $_POST['checkbox_values'];

		foreach ($value as $values) {   
			if (++$i > 10) break ; 
		$element = explode(" / " , $values);
		$_SESSION['uniqid'] = $element[1];
		 <form action = "" method="post">
		<input type ="hidden" name="rec_num[]"   value="<?php echo $element[0] ;?>" >	
		<!--<input type ="hidden"   name="uniqid[]"    value="<?php echo $element[1] ;?>"  >-->
		<input type ="text"   name="value1[]"    value="<?php echo $element[5] ;?>"    >	
		<input type ="text"   name="value2[]"    value="<?php echo $element[6] ;?>"    >	
		<input type ="text"   name="value3[]"    value="<?php echo $element[7] ;?>"   >		
		<input type ="text"   name="value3[]"    value="<?php echo $element[8] ;?>"   >	

		<input type="submit" name="send" value="Modify ">


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