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BACKGROUND:  I like gradients because they are both colorfully attractive and easy on the eyes.  They are also suggestive of binary thought and all that lies between the two polar extremes of 1 and 0.  For these reasons I often employ gradients as the background colors of my <div> elements.  Background gradients suffer from an important weakness, however:  monochromic text is easy to read at one end of the gradient, but difficult to read at the other.

QUESTION:  Does anyone know of a way to cause text to change color as it is displayed across the width and height of the element that contains it?


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Ingolme:  If I were to make my gradients more subtle, I would lose the underlying -- subconscious, if you will -- binary effect.

dsonesuk:  This is an idea that I have yet to try.  It does seem reasonable though.

Since I submitted this ticket, I have found code on the net that provides the effect for which I am looking.  Unfortunately, it places a <span> element around each in every word.  Surely, this very costly in download and display time.  Maybe, if i could achieve a similar effect, but at much lower cost by styling individual <p>, rather than word elements.


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