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Need help with ignoring settings.php

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I have settings.php in root directory (same directory as my .gitignore). I have tried everything. But settings.php still shows up when I commit stuff and when I change it it shows modified as status.

I have tried everything:


Interesting is that it successfully ignores .idea directory but it doesnt ignore my settings file. Any ideas?


Below is screenshot that shows that settings.php is green right now.


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I don't see your screenshot, but maybe update Git.  I also have that issue in PhpStorm for one repo, it insists on trying to commit or pull a file on the ignore list.

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Git is software that you can download and update like any other software.  If you're using the latest version then that's probably not the issue though.

According to this:


Files that are already being tracked won't get ignored if added to that file.  You need to stop the file from being tracked, and then ignore it.

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