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HTML tables and forms - W3CSS

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Hello. Is this the right place to Discuss W3CSS ? Or is that a separate forum ?

I am not sure if this is a question, or suggestion - or both.


I have reviewed the INPUT and the TABLE information in the W3CSS pages, and can not locate the information I am after.

I am wondering about the correct technique of using tables and forms in ONE.  

Ive two scenarios in mind.

ONE: You display a table and EACH row contains its own FORM.

it contains, text, an input field, and in the 3rd column, its own submit button.  each form sends minimal data to get processed.

TWO: you have an HTML form, and a table.

There is ONE Form, with ONE submit button, but it has multiple table rows, containing text, input fields etc..

Is there an existing tutorial on this ? If not, can one be added to the W3CSS website (and a hyper link to/from the  INPUT and TABLE pages).


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Tables are used for showing tabular data, not for layout purposes, it also loads the table structure then finally  the content within in it, so it is loading twice compared to other elements, that is why you will not find such a tutorial.

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Like I said, that shows tables showing tabular data, none is used for layout purposes. To make it look like a table, use elements like a  div, these can be more responsive than using a table  for smaller devices.


CSS is presentational, it does not have tables as they are html, it styles html tables only.

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