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How to make buttons "fixed" against scrolling


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Hi everyone, I haven't here for awhile and I'm not sure I'm in the right forum. might need to be in css

I have two buttons that scroll along with the page, I want them to remain "fixed", as it will be a

very long page and I need the buttons to always be visible no matter how far down the viewer scrolls.

If anyone can guide me to where I can learn how to do this, I would be immensely grateful.

Thank you


oops! sorry, I forgot to put in some of the coding:


jQuery(function(){ // on DOM load
    menu1 = new sidetogglemenu({  // initialize first menu example
        id: 'togglemenu1',
        marginoffset: 10,
        downarrowsrc: 'toggledown.png'

    menu2 = new sidetogglemenu({  // initialize second menu example
        id: 'togglemenu2',
        position: 'right',
        source: 'togglemenu.txt',
        revealamt: -5


<button onClick="menu1.toggle();" class="sideviewtoggle">Toggle Menu 1</button>
<button onClick="menu2.toggle()" class="sideviewtoggle">Toggle Menu 2</button>

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Thanks a million Ingolme!

Simple for you, but for some reason it passed over my head.

It works perfectly, almost.  The buttons moved from the top left to bottom right with a border around them.

I'll have to scrutinize the external css sheet and see if I can figure out the conflict;

But the buttons are fixed!

Thank you   (it's not the first time you've help me see the "forest thru the trees)

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