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W3 Cards Responsive Center Align


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Hi Guys,

I just can not get the firggeenly awesome ws-card aligned center in my responsive lay out. I been breaking my head and trying this or that but just cant... my brain cant...I need help


Here is a link to my awesome w-3 responsive card layout. The lonely card at the end of the page is aligned left. I  would like to center 1 image in a Row with a max-width 600px. 

Now when I center with the reposive cells it goes to 100% of page and thats too big. 



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It never loads fully, I get error 400 bad request for ads, it should fully load by 5sec.

You should never use full size large images never mind animated large images on website for thumbnails, use smaller sized image thumbnails, then when selected load larger image as pop-up.  The larger images can be preloaded using JavaScript AFTER html and thumbnail images, css etc has finished, making it load much quicker especially for mobile devices.


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