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addoption syntax


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I am trying to adapt some code I found online and I don't understand one (actually more) of the lines of code.

The code is from a function to generate dropdown lists that depend on previous dropdown lists.

The line says "echo "addOption(document.drop_list.Category, '$nt1[cat_id]', '$nt1[category]');";"

What does the $nt1 mean and why are there two different values for it?

Can someone explain this to me in novice language?

I can't find any reference to addOption in the Javascript reference.

I'm trying to substitute my table fields into the code, but can't figure out which goes where.




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$nt1 is a PHP associative array, not a Javascript array. Read about it here: https://www.w3schools.com/php/php_arrays.asp

The code you've displayed is a line of PHP that's generating a line of Javascript, you need to be able to distinguish which parts are PHP and quich are Javascript. The addOption function is probably declared elsewhere in the code.

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