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Which technologies to use where?


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I am learning a lot about html,css,js,php,sql etc, but it seems like I don't have a solid grasp on which language to use where; like should I use the DOM with JavaScript to read an XML file, or should I use PHP to get info from a SQL database.  It seems like it jumps around from jQuery to Ajax to SQL all in the same  example.  Can anyone recommend a book or article to kind of tie it all together or does w3schools have more along these lines.  Thank you any advice you can offer to help me out.

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I can't think of a place right now that teaches all that aside from colleges. Perhaps code academy.

To start off, you have to distinguish between server-side technologies and client-side technologies.

On the client-side, HTML is for the page's structure. CSS is for the page's appearance and Javascript is for interactive features on the website.

On the server-side, you have a language that does data processing, such as PHP, and a language to store and retrieve data: SQL.

Communication between the client and the server is done with AJAX. Usually data is sent to and from the server using JSON.

Communications between servers are usually done with either JSON or XML. XML is very outdated, though, so I would not use it. In general, just don't use XML, it's only good to know because often you have to deal with outdated systems in a software development job.

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