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Portfolio gallery sizing issues

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So, I am having issues with my portfolio gallery...

I can get the modal to work, finally, thanks to you guys. I was wondering if you could help with another issue.

The gallery has the columns uneven and it is driving me batty. I can get them to be the same size if I adjust the size of the image, but that makes it look tacky in another way, I want the column to extend with blank space to make everything the same height. Is this possible? If so, how?


In the above link you can see what I am talking about =(

Also attaching relevant pages of coding.







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If you give the boxes a fixed height with CSS it will work. The alternative is to use the flexbox layout system, which is a little complicated.

Your image files are much too large, they take a long time to load. You should create resized thumbnail versions of them to show on the page.

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i guess i never noticed they take a long time to load because i have fast internet. >_<; hmm... i will need to see how that works with the modal then... cause the modal opens from the image that is already there... like I have no idea how to point to another source =\

this is becoming much more complicated than i wanted it to... =(

curse my newbieness in all this >_<!

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